Guitar Hero Arcade event

November 25th, 2009

On Friday, November 27th, 5-star any song in the ‘Out on the Road’ category or above on expert difficulty on our Guitar Hero Arcade game to receive a Guitar Hero action figure, while supplies last.

In case I haven’t remembered to post it, btw, all songs are now 50 cents, no more extra quarter to play the premium songs!

Updates to the blog coming this weekend, as we hope to be able to finish geting Point Blank 2 fully operational by then, among other things.

Chronic procrastination and blogging are a BAD combination!

Auction to benefit Sedro-Woolley Schools Foundation

October 14th, 2009

As mentioned before, the arcade game Chase H.Q. has been donated to be auctioned off in the Sedro-Woolley Schools Foundation Harvest Happening Auction.  The auction is this Saturday, the 17th of October.  More details may be found at

Donkey Kong 3

September 26th, 2009

Donkey Kong 3 is back in the arcade following extensive repairs to the monitor.

Road Blasters has also returned, again following monitor repairs.  The foot pedal has also been repaired, so the game should be one heck of a lot more fun now!

Chase H.Q., meanwhile, has been removed, to be auctioned for charity in October.  Details will be posted as soon as I can look the game over to make sure it’s ready.

Simpsons looks like it will be an easy repair, so expect it back up and running in the next couple days.  If it is an easy fix, I can FINALLY go back to work on Addams Family.

And finally, a note on Guitar Hero.  We will be looking at the earnings reports for the machine, and figuring out if we can drop the price on the premium games.  Best way to vote for a price drop?  Play the normal songs and let Dan know, politely, that you would like the price to drop on the others.

Thanks for playing!

Tron Legacy

July 23rd, 2009

Two websites have gone up for the sequel to the movie Tron:

Needless to say, if they release that Space Paranoids game, it WILL be in the arcade if I can afford one!!!

(finishing the website, btw, was delayed by the current heat wave.  The room my computer is in is the hottest and worst ventilated room in the house, and trying to work on my laptop was making it FAR too difficult.  Work will resume if it stays cool today and/or I get my my laptop to recognise my mouse)

Website updates

July 16th, 2009

Main website is being updated over the next few days, should be finished by the 20th.  So far, it even works correctly in both Firefox and IE!

After the 20th, I’ll get to work on getting some t-shirts available.  After that, the priorities are finishing up fixing up the games (soon I will have the space back in my garage to go back to work on pinball machines, so I can finish up the Addams Family, then do some VERY overdue maintenance on Lord of the Rings.  When that’s done I can finally get on a regular cleaning and maintenance schedule), and working out the details on having more regular tournaments.

Thanks for reading!  We now return you to your game, already in progress…

Small update

June 22nd, 2009

Have had all 5 of my wisdom teeth removed last week.  Yes, 5.  Assuming no more complications, I should be getting back to work in a day or two.

New arcade repair resource online (found the link a few days ago at, located at  Looks good so far.

Lack of update

June 9th, 2009

For once, it isn’t procrastination.  I am currently dealing with the fun of a abscessed wisdom tooth, so not getting much done.  Even I am not stupid enough to do electronics work while on prescription painkillers!  Not going to go into the gory details, but it’ll be two or three weeks before I get back to work.  Articles may or may not appear here in the meantime, depending on how focused I am.

I was going to post about the Northwest Pinball and Gameroom show last week-end, in case anyone here is interested and didn’t know about it.  The show looks like a lot of fun!

Donkey Kong

June 2nd, 2009

Live coverage of Steve Wiebe attempting the world record on Donkey Kong:

(update about Donkey Kong 3 repairs will be here tomorrow, just wanted to post this for anyone who didn’t know)


May 30th, 2009

When shopping the Spiderman pinball recently, we took the opportunity to add a few after market products to the game, and I wanted to post a brief note about them (insert quick note about my chronic procrastinating…)

First, the before picture:

After cleaning, we added decals purchased from, goblin heads for the Green Goblin targets, sandman decals for Sandman (which in my not so humble opinion look much better than the yellow targets), a Daily Bugle sticker for that target (which I’m not sure I like the look of, truth be told, but I don’t like the bare white target either, so…), and my favourites, Spiderman symbols for the right target bank:

We also added two lighting kits (also purchased from Pinball Life), featuring coloured bulbs as well as coloured led bulbs and flashers that add a cool effect to the playfield and will last a lot longer than normal bulbs before burning out.  The first set were green lights for the Green Goblin:

And the second set were blue lights for the Venom area:

And the finished playfield:

Note to anyone taking pictures of a pinball machine playfield:  leave the glass off the game when you take the picture, otherwise the backbox reflection will obscure the playfield, as above.

Barring the unforeseen, I’ll be rewiring Donkey Kong 3 tomorrow, then tackling the monitor, and will post an update here after that.

Quick update

May 28th, 2009

Baseball Stars 2 has been removed from the Neo Geo. Finally. No more will the attract mode endlessly repeat in the arcade. I just hope it isn’t burned into Dan’s brain to the point he still hears it.

Anyway, it has been replaced by a great fighting game, Samurai Showdown 2.  An excellent FAQ for this game can be found here.

Next post will be late Friday/Saturday, depending on how you view time and how bad my insomnia gets.