Big changes in the arcade

There have been several big changes to the arcade that you might like to know about.

First, Guitar Hero has sadly left the arcade.  There are a variety of reasons for this, and I will try to sum them up in a later post (no promises).  Primarily, without the online feature and new songs promised when it came out, it wasn’t making as much money as it needed to.

Second, we knew we needed a big game to physically fill the void Guitar Hero left.  Deep in the dark corners of my garage, there lurked just such a game.  The first game we ever bought, which died BEFORE the store opened.  The game that almost killed Scott W.*  Rampage!

Of course, there was a tiny little problem.  Not only did it not work, but we had traded away the parts long ago, leaving the cabinet behind as an empty shell.  While sorting through our spare game boards, we found we still had the non-working Rampage board we had picked up for parts.  We kludged some wiring up, piggybacking from a second game’s power and monitor, and found out that the dead board (mostly) worked.  After around 16 years, I can finally say that after some minor repairs, a few more parts, and a LOT or wiring, RAMPAGE LIVES!

There is a third big change, but that will be posted later this evening.

Finally, Marble Madness has been removed.  Again.  It will not return until we are absolutely sure it is fixed, and would like to thank everyone who played it for your patience.  Thanks to it being in the arcade, we _think_ we have figured out why it worked in my shop, but not on location, but are making absolutely no promises on when it will return.  Especially since I have an Atari vector monitor ahead of it on the repair list…anyone who knows which games that could go to, keep your fingers crossed!

*He was removing the power chassis from the unplugged game, and somehow it shocked him.  Badly.  No permanent damage, but he had a small burn and numb hand, and I heard the zap from across the room.  Always be careful when working with electronics!

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