Hitting the wall

Been working on Marvel vs. Capcom 2.  Game had stopped working, so ran a few tests.  Monitor is only displaying a line across the screen, and the game doesn’t boot.  Recapped the monitor, checked it over, everything looks fine.  Had a part on the game board that was corroded, waited several days for the part I needed to arrive in the mail (I miss the days when electronics stores stocked more than just the basic parts and cell phones…), installed it, fired the game up…

Screen is a warped line across the screen.  (insert colorful metaphor here)!  However, the game booted, so I figure I must have done something right.  Try to coin the game up, and no sound.  I did exactly nothing that in any way should have been able to affect the sound system.  With no picture beyond the thin line, I can’t tell if it took the credit without sound.

So my brain starts chewing on the latest problems.  Need to pull the monitor for further testing, and jump the game board to an external monitor and see what I get on the screen.  No problem.

Except that my fist won’t unclench.  This is what is called ‘hitting the wall.’  I was actually getting angry at the game for not working.  I’ve got several difficult projects going currently (needing to learn playfield repair for Addams Family, among other things.  I didn’t post about the small fire in one of the pins I’m working on, did I?  Hmm, next post, then) and really thought Marvel vs. Capcom 2 would be easy.

So to make a long story short, I’m taking a break.  I love arcade games and pinball.  I LOVE working on them.  I spend a heck of a lot of time reading about arcade repair and restoration.  In a few days, I’ll go back to work on the game, and post an update.

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