Lord of the Rings pinball post-mortem

Now that the game is back in the arcade (and I have no idea where the screw that jammed the Gollum/Gimli upkicker came from…sigh…), I wanted to make a post about the changes that have been made to the game.

First, LED lighting has been installed, and for the most part I like it.  The general illumination lighting is noticeably ‘colder’ than with incandescent lights (which is why we kept incandescent lights on the back arch of the game), but I don’t think it looks bad.  I LOVE the bright colors produced by putting colored LEDs under the playfield inserts, and am looking forward to rarely having to change a bulb (there are a couple lights out right now, which is caused by the new bulbs not being an exact fit.  This should be easy to correct).

Second, as was done on the Simpsons pinball machine, we switched the side rails to the newer kind that covers the flipper area, which both looks and feels better.  Sadly, the newest pinball machine, Big Buck Hunter Pro, is shipping with the older side rails.  I understand the need to keep production cost down, but personally don’t believe this is the place to do it.

lotr flipper wearlotr pin with shield installed

(sorry the after picture is so dark)

Third, we installed Pinbits plastic protectors to help prevent the playfield plastics from becoming broken.  I love the protectors, having had to replace plastics on Lord of the Rings and Spiderman that would never have broken if I’d installed these first.  Given that the replacement parts are more expensive than the protectors, I consider them money VERY well spent.

And forth, the new product that will be installed in all of the pinball machines at the shop.  A DMD glare filter.  The before and after picture should say everything for me (or looking at the pin in person, then looking at the pin next to it).  Glare on the upper playfield from the DMD is something that I, as a player, hate, and this product is easy to install and eliminates the problem.

lotr pin dmd glarelotr pin with dmd glare filer

And now I can FINALLY get back to work on the Addams Family, figure out what is wrong with Marvel vs. Capcom 2, and get to work on our not-so-secret project (hint, it includes the letter x, the word box, and the abbreviation LAN.  And that’s all the clues I’m giving…)

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