Lord of the Rings pinball, part 3

The pin will not be going back in the arcade today, due to a combination of weather and the game being more work than I thought.

First, had to fix some minor playfield damage.  This was caused by the mount coming loose on the Balrog.  This was reported to Dan quickly (don’t remember now who told him, but THANK YOU!), which resulted in relatively minor damage.

Lord of the Rings pinball playfield damage

The touch-up paint won’t be an exact match, but won’t be very noticable.  While inspecting the damage, we found another, more serious problem.  The post to the left of the ramp was missing (and later found broken in the bottom of the cabinet).  From the amount of damage to the ramp and spinner, it had been broken for some time.  Please, if you are playing a game of pinball and something breaks, stop playing and inform the managers immediately.  If the location is worth playing at, they want to know!

Damage caused by missing postThe broken post

The missing post is also the reason the lane diverter was getting stuck.  The fact that we didn’t notice the missing post is the reason we pull the games out of the arcade from time to time for service, rather than do it all on site.  Things are easy to miss in poor lighting, and even easier to miss when you’re doing quick repairs while the arcade is open.

I have replacements for the spinner and post (actually, a better post that was redesigned to prevent this), and the damage to the ramp is not great enough to require replacement (it’s mostly cosmetic damage, which the post will hide).

No other serious problems were found, so I proceeded to take the game apart (there are two other issues that have been reported by players (thank you!!!) which will be addressed when I post about fixing them). Pictures in progress:

As the game is taken apart, I take pictures of every assembly, to make putting it together easier.  Next step is removing all the rubber from the playfield, then start cleaning.

More will be posted tonight (probably well after midnight)

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