Lord of the Rings, part 2

Haven’t really gotten to work yet due to a headache, but here’s the picture of the current lighting:

Pre-light replacement while doing maintenance on Lord of the Rings pinball

As you can see, I forgot to rotate the image.  Also, almost all the general illumination lights are burned out (surprisingly, not a single under-playfield light is burned out), which makes the game harder to see, and thus less fun.  Although replacing light bulbs can be a bit of a pain, sometimes requiring removing a great deal of the playfield parts to get to one light, it’s also very important.  So I’m trying something new with this cleaning:


I’m going to be replacing all the lights (almost all, there are a few bulbs that need to be able to fade in and out, which LED bulbs can not do) with LED bulbs, in this case ordered from cointaker.com (different styles of LED bulbs can also be ordered from other suppliers, including pinballlife.com).  The bulb life on LEDs means I should rarely need to replace one, and they also run much cooler, meaning they don’t damage the plastic in the game and consume less power.  If they look good, I will probably replace the lights in the other machines too.

I was going to post pictures of an area of the game I need to repair, but I forgot to charge the battery in my camera, and it’s the type that must be removed to recharge.  I really need to buy a second battery.  So, more later, probably tomorrow.

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