Error exists between keyboard and chair!

Couple quick updates.

First, problem solved with images.  Subject of post is about all I’ll say about what was going on…

And on that note, assuming it isn’t raining, Mario Brothers should return to the arcade on Friday.  Monitor isn’t perfect (need to replace several transistors before it’ll be perfect, so that’ll happen later).  It turned into a mini-restoration, with new t-molding being installed, and a few parts of the cabinet getting some touch up paint.  Which would have been done in time to take the game back Wednesday, had somebody (that would be me) remembered to make sure he had a paint brush before starting…

new t-moldingafter t-mlding, before painting

Pictures above show the old t-molding, followed by a picture of the new t-molding, and a control panel shot showing the wear around the panel (may have to zoom to see it), and the old stickers below.

Haven’t played this game in years, and after working on it for a while,  remember why.  This is an amazingly fun game, especially with two players.  I absolutely, positively STINK at this game!  I’m doing good if I get to the first bonus round.  For those who aren’t at my level of incompetence at this game, I hope you enjoy it when it returns!

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