It is slightly bizarre to realise that I last posted in October.  I’m not the best at regular updates to begin with (cue Wall of Voodoo singing ‘Let’s Do It Tomorrow’), even at the best of times, and the last half year has seen:

A quick pinball restoration (Star Wars Trilogy, which will get it’s own post soon) turn out to be anything BUT quick.

Snow bad enough that we couldn’t actually get into our workshop followed by the shop flooding (with the water pooling and flowing everywhere EXCEPT where it would damage anything important, so it could have been MUCH worse, just took a long time to dry).

Me type up a large post about adding the Global Arcade Classics machine, Star Wars Trilogy Arcade, and Marvel Vs. Capcom 2, and not realise I hadn’t hit post until MONTHS later.

And then a medical issue came up that ground everything to a screaching halt for a few months.  Carrie is all better now, and we’re back to full speed.

In the last few weeks, I have been tackling the much-neglected pinball machines, which will each get it’s own post soon, and today we added a new game to the arcade, GUITAR HERO ARCADE!

More updates to come after I’ve slept, starting with a better writeup on Guitar Hero.

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