Doctor Who tournament information

Doctor Who Pinball Tournament Rules and Information

Friday, Sept. 19 – Sunday, Oct. 5th
Win a Data East Laser War pinball machine!


Play games of Doctor Who at Docking Bay 93/Phoenix Nest on and between the tournament dates. If you make the scoreboard, ‘sign’ the game with the initials you registered for the tournament under. At the end of the tournament, the player with the highest score will be awarded the Laser War pinball machine (see below for further details on prize).

No deathsaves, slapsaves, or excessive moving of the machine allowed. Absolutely no hitting or otherwise abusing the machine will be tolerated. No cheating of any kind. Failure to follow these rules can, at the sole discretion of the staff of Docking Bay 93 and/or Phoenix Nest result in you being issued a warning, asked to leave, removed from the tournament, or in extreme cases banning from the premises. While playing, please observe the rules posted in the entrance to the arcade, and practice good sportsmanship by not monopolising the machine if there are other players present and not interfering with other player’s games.

Or to put it another way, play nice and have fun!


The prize will be one Laser War pinball machine, in as-is condition, with manual and a care and maintenance pack (exact contents to be determined). In the condition the machine is currently in, it has an estimated value of $300-$600 (we will check current value and completed sales when the tournament ends to give the winner a value for tax purposes). No warranty expressedor implied comes with the prize. Transport of the prize is the responsibility of the winner. In the event the prize is won by a minor, it will be awarded to their parent or legal guardian. No substitute prize will be awarded (see Storage, etc. below for suggestions if you wish to compete, but for whatever reason don’t want the prize)

Management of Docking Bay 93 and/or Phoenix Nest reserve the right to amend these rules if needed. If amended, the amended rules will be available at the front counter, and posted in the arcade.

Doctor Who pinball machine hints and tips:

A promotional video for Doctor Who is on Youtube(or search for Doctor Who pinball), which explains gameplay in great detail. I also highly recommend reading the Pinball Archive rulesheet, which contains a detailed explanation of the game’s features as well as some very good strategy advice. If you have no internet access, I highly recommend having a friend print it out for you.

A basic scoring strategy I follow is to start with the first Doctor lit (change Doctors using the flipper buttons prior to launching the ball), and try to get into the video modes as fast as possible. Each video mode completed lights another Doctor, so completing a few video modes will greatly boost your score. For a quick score boost, always jump into the TARDIS at the end of the video mode wave.

Storage, etc.:

After the tournament, we can store the prize for a brief amount of time while you make arrangements. In the event you don’t want the prize, there are a few options. First, you could donate it to charity, either a charity thrift store or a youth group would probably be very grateful for the donation, and on top of doing a good deed, you’d get a reciept so you could deduct the donation on your taxes. Second, you could place the game on an auction site or place a classified ad and sell it. If you choose to do this, we will need to discuss storage and access issues at that time. And third, you could see if you have a friend who wants a pinball machine in his house. We do not recommend operating this machine for money without repairing the problem noted in the tournament announcement.

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