Doctor Who Tournament begins!

Today is the first day of the two-week long pinball toutnament at Docking Bay 93, being played on the newly-restored Doctor Who pinball machine.  Scroll down a few posts for details, and we hope everyone has fun!

The lack of posts yesterday was because it took longer to get Doctor Who working properly than anticipated.  As of when it left for the shop (pictures of the leg bolt that delayed the pin being returned to the shop Thursday coming after I’ve had a good night’s sleep), the only thing wrong with it was a light in the lowest pop bumper is not installed.  I had the wrong replacement parts for the broken socket.  Not a bad tradeoff for a fully functional time expander, though.

Addams Family has left the arcade briefly, for VERY much needed work.  I won’t be giving any estimates for how long until it returns until I’ve had a chance to catalog what all needs fixed.  I’ll keep you posted!

Thanks for reading, and again, hope you have fun with the tournament!

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