Quick update

No pictures, I left the camera out in the shop, but re-assembly has started on Doctor Who. All of the targets on the Time Expander test as working, but I won’t know for sure until I have it all reassembled and play a few games. The right lock is refusing to work atm, but with luck it’ll just be a loose wire.

As promised, links!

First, a slightly slow, but very informative promotional video for the game. I recommend watching this to anyone who hasn’t played Doctor Who much and wants to compete in the tournament.

And second, a page I found a few days ago that contained a lot of information about the game that I hadn’t known, from Bally/Williams pinball programmer Pfutz. I actually like the origional cabinet better, but that’s me speaking as a Doctor Who fan. As an operator, the cabinet they used would be much more eye catching in most arcades.

More news tomorrow, if not sooner!

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