Doctor Who, in progress

Work continues on the Doctor Who pinball machine. Most of the work is just basic cleaning, replacing of bulbs, and whatnot. The faulty circuit board has been replaced and no problems have been found.

And then there are the repairs.  I started rebuilding the pop bumpers, which have over the years become badly chipped, as you can see below:

New bumper skirts are being installed, and a new light in the lower bumper (which was already removed when I took this picture).

And the other repair, and a major one, is that I am rebuilding the Time Expander, installing a new set of optos in the switch bank, which will make the Dalek Bump targets work properly for the first time since before we bought the game.  Here is the Time Expander removed from the playfield:

And here is the gaping hole it leaves behind:

After the playfield is torn apart, cleaned, and put together, I will also check the wiring under the playfield for loose or broken connections, replace lightbulbs, and clean the under-playfield ramps.  If you’ve ever wondered how the pinball works, this may give you some idea:

In other news, as you have no doubt noticed, we we removed Doctor Who for repairs, we replaced it with Tales of the Arabian Knights.  The game will be filling in for the other pins as we rotate them out for repairs and maintenance.  Currently, the skill shot is broken (we replaced the broken ramp with a good one, and we think a wire broke in the process), but that should be fixed within the next few days.

With any luck, I should be back Tuesday night/Wednesday morning with pictures of a newly repaired Time Expander and a clean and bright game, ready for the upcoming tournament!  I’ll also post links to the Doctor Who programmer’s blog, where he talks about designing the game, and to the Bally promotional video for Doctor Who on YouTube.  It’s a little slow, but has a lot of great gameplay information.

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