Doctor Who

As you may have noticed, Doctor Who is out of order.  Again.  Not finding anything obvious wrong with the board, so going to call around and see about getting it looked at by someone more qualified, or even professionally repaired.  Too many people like that pin (myself included) for the amount of downtime it has.

Beginning work on Captain America and the Avengers in the afternoon.  Should be quick to get up and running, but I’m working on a broken toe, so it might take longer than I want.  I’m also going to try to finish up the replacement wiring for the Namco Classics with Pac Man (so it can finally be played two player…hooray!) today as well, since I can do that sitting down, assuming the cat lets me.

Finally, if you havent seen the news, visit  It should come as no suprise that I’m excited about this one!

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