Spiderman Tournament

Phoenix Nest Classic Video Arcade is happy to announce our second monthly pinball tournament, which will take place on the Spiderman pinball machine on July 18 – July 20.  To enter, give Dan (the store owner) your name, phone number, and the initials you will be using, then go play.  Tournament games will cost 50 cents, and you must start the game using the tournament button.  First and second prizes will be determined by the machine based on number of tournament plays, minimum $10 for first place.  The more tournament games are played, the bigger the prize!

And coming in August, we will have a longer tournament, lasting two weeks, with first prize being a Laser Wars pinball machine!  Details will be posted in a few weeks.

In other news, one parts shipment still hasn’t arrived, so I can’t reveal everything, but expect a few changes in the arcade later this week, check back here for details as I can post them.

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