Catching up

Belated congratulations to BEN for winning our first, semi-impromptu pinball tournament!

As for why we kept the tournament small, short notice, and unpublicised…the documentation on Spiderman’s tournament software is, shall we say, lacking.  We knew there could be problems, and there were.  With luck, talking to Stern support will be able to clear up our issues before the next one, which we hope to be publicising soon.

Changes to the arcade:  Removed Mappy (see note below), added NAMCO Classics volume 2 and (after having it dark FAR too long!) one of the greatest games of all time, ASTEROIDS!

Mappy will be returning soon, in the form of NAMCO Classics volume 1 as soon as we get some wiring done.  It will be going in the cabinet volume 2 is in now, and volume 2 will go in the PacMania cabinet.  PacMania will be leaving, but we think the original and two-player versions of Pac Man on the volume two board more than make up for that.

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