Star Wars updates

Quick updates, because it’s later at night than I planned.  Will post more Monday/Tuesday, but for now:

First, the picture of the test rig for Star Wars Trilogy I promised.  The video is running to a monitor that isn’t really capable of running it, but if I’m wrong about what caused the monitor to fail this monitor needs repairs anyway, and it’s easier and cheaper to repair than the one that will be going into Trilogy.

So far, so good.  Nothing on the monitor has failed, so hope to have it back in the arcade sooner rather than later.

And, second, Atari Star Wars is out of order.  Again.  Haven’t had time to test it yet to determine exactly what’s wrong, but we have narrowed it down:

First step (after discharging the monitor for safety), will be to check under the burned area and make sure the circuit board doesn’t need repairs.  Then replace the burned resistor (the white thing over the burned area) and blown capacitor (the orange thing to the right, under the wires), and test all the other parts to make sure nothing else is damaged.  I also just realized looking at the picture that I need to check and make sure the power cable isn’t damaged.  I also need to dig up my troubleshooting guides and make sure that there isn’t something else that could be wrong with the game.  Should have a better idea of how long it’ll take tomorrow.

On the plus side, the current problems seem to be completely unrelated to what put it out of order last time, so at least I can be happy about that.

Thanks for reading, and please check back in the next day or two for updates.

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