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Joust Champion Lonnie McDonald is coming to the arcade!

Friday, July 20th, 2012

Monday, July 23rd, the Robotron/Joust machine will be reserved*, because Joust Champion Lonnie McDonald will be bringing his quest to post 9,999,999 scores on every Joust machine he can to our arcade.

More information on Lonnie and his quest can be found at the following links:

KLOV message board thread about the tour

Joust expert taking his classic arcade skills across the country

Joust Tour USA Tracker

Anyone who wants to meet him, see just how hard Joust gets, learn some new game-play tricks, or just use this as an excuse to  hang out with/connect with other arcade game enthusiasts in the area, is encouraged to come in and watch/hang out.

*not going to keep people from playing it before he arrives, of course, but in the unlikely (and AWESOME!) event there is a huge crowd playing the game, he has the right to cut in front of the line.

***A note about this post.   Off topic content is included.***

This is a largely unedited and unfinished post.  Checked the news while typing this up, and am currently not in much of a mood to hype things right now.  I don’t generally get this emotional about events like the theatre shooting, but…

As most of you know, I co-owned a comic shop for quite a long time.  I also can vividly recall the fun and excitement and anticipation going to see Tim Burton’s Batman on opening day.  It’s hard not to put myself in the position of the moviegoers.

Maybe when this has settled in I’ll go back and edit this post better, or make another one, but for now…my thoughts are elsewhere.

The Star Wars update I don’t want to make

Friday, July 20th, 2012

Obviously, I haven’t posted the update on the repairs to Atari Star Wars’ monitor I promised.  After a few attempts to track down the problem, I had to throw in the towel.  The monitor has been sent out for repair.  With any luck, it will come back sometime in August, and Star Wars will be playable again.