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Happy Birthday Docking Bay 93!

Thursday, July 15th, 2010

A quick note to say Happy Birthday to what was started 15 years ago as a small toy store by two people who had absolutely no clue what they were doing!  A larger post will go up this week-end, with some photos of the various stages of the arcade (regrettably, it took us a while to realize we might want to take pictures, so there will be no photographs of the arcade being only Donkey Kong 3, Xenon, and Discs of Tron).

To everyone who has supported the store and arcade, whether for 15 years or one day, I’m sure we speak for Dan as well as ourselves when we say THANK YOU!!!

In catching-up news, some major upheaval in our lives has put this blog on the back-burner, as well as all the project games into storage (Addams Family…>sigh<), but rest assured we are getting back into things finally, and I _should_ have news about the future of the arcade to post over the week-end.  Thank you for your perpetual patience!