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Tron Legacy

Thursday, July 23rd, 2009

Two websites have gone up for the sequel to the movie Tron:

Needless to say, if they release that Space Paranoids game, it WILL be in the arcade if I can afford one!!!

(finishing the website, btw, was delayed by the current heat wave.  The room my computer is in is the hottest and worst ventilated room in the house, and trying to work on my laptop was making it FAR too difficult.  Work will resume if it stays cool today and/or I get my my laptop to recognise my mouse)

Website updates

Thursday, July 16th, 2009

Main website is being updated over the next few days, should be finished by the 20th.  So far, it even works correctly in both Firefox and IE!

After the 20th, I’ll get to work on getting some t-shirts available.  After that, the priorities are finishing up fixing up the games (soon I will have the space back in my garage to go back to work on pinball machines, so I can finish up the Addams Family, then do some VERY overdue maintenance on Lord of the Rings.  When that’s done I can finally get on a regular cleaning and maintenance schedule), and working out the details on having more regular tournaments.

Thanks for reading!  We now return you to your game, already in progress…