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Saturday, May 30th, 2009

When shopping the Spiderman pinball recently, we took the opportunity to add a few after market products to the game, and I wanted to post a brief note about them (insert quick note about my chronic procrastinating…)

First, the before picture:

After cleaning, we added decals purchased from, goblin heads for the Green Goblin targets, sandman decals for Sandman (which in my not so humble opinion look much better than the yellow targets), a Daily Bugle sticker for that target (which I’m not sure I like the look of, truth be told, but I don’t like the bare white target either, so…), and my favourites, Spiderman symbols for the right target bank:

We also added two lighting kits (also purchased from Pinball Life), featuring coloured bulbs as well as coloured led bulbs and flashers that add a cool effect to the playfield and will last a lot longer than normal bulbs before burning out.  The first set were green lights for the Green Goblin:

And the second set were blue lights for the Venom area:

And the finished playfield:

Note to anyone taking pictures of a pinball machine playfield:  leave the glass off the game when you take the picture, otherwise the backbox reflection will obscure the playfield, as above.

Barring the unforeseen, I’ll be rewiring Donkey Kong 3 tomorrow, then tackling the monitor, and will post an update here after that.

Quick update

Thursday, May 28th, 2009

Baseball Stars 2 has been removed from the Neo Geo. Finally. No more will the attract mode endlessly repeat in the arcade. I just hope it isn’t burned into Dan’s brain to the point he still hears it.

Anyway, it has been replaced by a great fighting game, Samurai Showdown 2.  An excellent FAQ for this game can be found here.

Next post will be late Friday/Saturday, depending on how you view time and how bad my insomnia gets.

Mario Bros.

Saturday, May 16th, 2009

Mario Brothers has been (re)added to the arcade!  It’ll be put back in line with the other Nintendo games in a little bit (probably when we fix Road Blasters), but for now it can be found next to Tron in the centre island. 

We hope you enjoy it!  Next up:  Road Blasters or Donkey Kong 3 (depending on if the monitor in my shop works in Roadblasters or not)


Error exists between keyboard and chair!

Thursday, May 14th, 2009

Couple quick updates.

First, problem solved with images.  Subject of post is about all I’ll say about what was going on…

And on that note, assuming it isn’t raining, Mario Brothers should return to the arcade on Friday.  Monitor isn’t perfect (need to replace several transistors before it’ll be perfect, so that’ll happen later).  It turned into a mini-restoration, with new t-molding being installed, and a few parts of the cabinet getting some touch up paint.  Which would have been done in time to take the game back Wednesday, had somebody (that would be me) remembered to make sure he had a paint brush before starting…

new t-moldingafter t-mlding, before painting

Pictures above show the old t-molding, followed by a picture of the new t-molding, and a control panel shot showing the wear around the panel (may have to zoom to see it), and the old stickers below.

Haven’t played this game in years, and after working on it for a while,  remember why.  This is an amazingly fun game, especially with two players.  I absolutely, positively STINK at this game!  I’m doing good if I get to the first bonus round.  For those who aren’t at my level of incompetence at this game, I hope you enjoy it when it returns!


Wednesday, May 6th, 2009

I’m having problems with images, so probably not starting the pinball articles until tomorrow, but figured I’d pop in with a quick update on the projects in the arcade.

First order of business is to repair the monitors for Mario Brothers and Roadblasters.  I have also gone back to work on restoring the Addams Family pinball machine.  No clue how long that will take, as I’m actually taking the time to repair the artwork on the playfield.  When Addams Family is done I will pull the Lord of the Rings pinball and fix it up, as well as install flipper protectors like the ones I put on the Simpsons.

Not sure what will be tackled after that, but it’s the nature of arcade games that something will be broken and need fixing, probably before I’m ready for it!

Guitar Hero Arcade!

Tuesday, May 5th, 2009

If you have been in the arcade in the last few days, you can’t have missed the new addition.  If you haven’t been in lately, the new addition is the new arcade game from Raw Thrills / Konami / Activision, Guitar Hero Arcade!

Based on the insanely popular console game series, it currently has over 50 songs from the various iterations of the franchise, and will be expandable to offer even more, as well as online tournaments in the near future.


In other news, if you look right you should see a link graphic for the video game auction site Chase the Chuckwagon.  From the about page on the site, “Launched as a less-expensive auction alternative to eBay is has quickly grown into the most successful video gaming auction site ever. It is an auction site dedicated to classic and modern video games.”  I have used this site almost as long as it’s been around, most recently to finally add a Dreamcast to my console collection, and highly recommend it.


Saturday, May 2nd, 2009

It is slightly bizarre to realise that I last posted in October.  I’m not the best at regular updates to begin with (cue Wall of Voodoo singing ‘Let’s Do It Tomorrow’), even at the best of times, and the last half year has seen:

A quick pinball restoration (Star Wars Trilogy, which will get it’s own post soon) turn out to be anything BUT quick.

Snow bad enough that we couldn’t actually get into our workshop followed by the shop flooding (with the water pooling and flowing everywhere EXCEPT where it would damage anything important, so it could have been MUCH worse, just took a long time to dry).

Me type up a large post about adding the Global Arcade Classics machine, Star Wars Trilogy Arcade, and Marvel Vs. Capcom 2, and not realise I hadn’t hit post until MONTHS later.

And then a medical issue came up that ground everything to a screaching halt for a few months.  Carrie is all better now, and we’re back to full speed.

In the last few weeks, I have been tackling the much-neglected pinball machines, which will each get it’s own post soon, and today we added a new game to the arcade, GUITAR HERO ARCADE!

More updates to come after I’ve slept, starting with a better writeup on Guitar Hero.