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Sort of back

Saturday, October 25th, 2008

Severe computer problems (turned out to be the hard drive, not that any diagnostics would tell me that…grumble…) have put me rather far behind on a lot of things, so a quick catch-up.

Have all parts to fix up Addams Family, but restoration is being delayed a little (I hope) bit, because of two things sitting in my garage that I hadn’t planned on.  They are both going in the arcade as fast as I can get ‘em there!  They will be the most visable change of many planned in the arcade in the next few weeks, the other main one being placing LED light strips in the unlit games, which will make the arcade feel more, well, arcade like (if they look as good as the normal marquee lights, I’ll convert the other games over, which will mean less burned-out marquees and lower Dan’s power bill).

At some point soon we’ll be running a Ms Pac Man tournament, soon as I work the details out with Dan, so start practicing now.

And, finally, a request.  If something isn’t working on an arcade game, PLEASE tell someone who works there (and not just in our arcade).  In a lot of cases, if something isn’t obviously broken, a problem might not be detected for a while. 

For example, the Episode I pinball machine was taking quarters but not letting people play.  Since Dan never plays it, and it is our least played pinball machine, it not getting played won’t necessarily be noticed right away.  How I found out it wasn’t working was I hit the start button to play the couple games that someone had left on it one night.  For all I know, the game blew the fuse that was causing it not to work when I hit the button, but this is an example of why we apreciate your help.  And in related news, if you are one of the people who enjoys this game, it will be leaving the arcade soon (not to say too much, but almost anyone who likes the Star Wars:  Episode I pinball machine will probably like the replacement, perhaps even more.  I am deliberately NOT saying that the replacement is one of the two things in my garage I mentioned above.  I am also not saying that how fast I get it in the arcade depends on how easy it is to get the X-Wing cannon working reliably.)

Thats all for now.  Pictures of this mystery game will be posted as soon as I am sure I can fix the cannon and have revieved the couple of replacement parts I need (have I plugged yet?  I can happily recommend several parts suppliers, but lately I am really liking their shipping department the best), so I know it won’t be long until it’s in the arcade.

(post edited to make something that was unintentionally snarky sound better)