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Catching up

Wednesday, August 6th, 2008

First of at least two changes in the arcade this week, as Dig Dug leaves (and is available to play on the Namco Classic Collection Volume 2) to make room for Captain America and the Avengers!

Captain America

Finally, a comic book related video game!  Cap is a personal favourite of mine (and anyone who knows me knows I generally don’t like side scrolling beat-em-ups), costing me a small fortune in quarters when it was new.

In other news, still no word on the replacement board for Doctor Who.  As soon as we have an eta on the board arriving, I’ll post an update.

Finally, the Namco Classic Collection volume 2 control panel will be going in before Monday.  There was a defective part in the joystick, so getting it done has taken longer than expected.

Next post should be this week-end (Monday at the latest) with an update on the Namco controls and the upcoming pinball tournament.