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Doctor Who

Monday, July 28th, 2008

As you may have noticed, Doctor Who is out of order.  Again.  Not finding anything obvious wrong with the board, so going to call around and see about getting it looked at by someone more qualified, or even professionally repaired.  Too many people like that pin (myself included) for the amount of downtime it has.

Beginning work on Captain America and the Avengers in the afternoon.  Should be quick to get up and running, but I’m working on a broken toe, so it might take longer than I want.  I’m also going to try to finish up the replacement wiring for the Namco Classics with Pac Man (so it can finally be played two player…hooray!) today as well, since I can do that sitting down, assuming the cat lets me.

Finally, if you havent seen the news, visit  It should come as no suprise that I’m excited about this one!

Gauntlet 2

Friday, July 25th, 2008

Gauntlet 2

Phoenix Nest Classic Video Arcade has removed Gauntlet, and replaced it with a fully restored Gauntlet 2.  This represents a little bit of coming full circle for us, because long ago in the history or the arcade, when we still owned Docking Bay 93, a really nice arcade and pinball collector (who, sadly, we lost touch with over the years) asked if we wanted to put his Gauntlet 2 in the arcade.  We split the coin bucket with him every month, and it got played a lot.  We have always wanted to add it back to the arcade, and a buy from a Seattle operator (I’ll post a link to his website when I find it again, he sells games and does arcade rentals) of two Gauntlet-style cabinets, one with most of the artwork in good shape, was what we needed to make tracking down the board worth it (got the board from

As for the other Gauntlet cabinet?  It is becoming a Captain America and the Avengers.  I can’t give an eta on when it will be done.  My garage has been converted into a workshop, and I had hoped to have several projects done weeks ago, but there were some minor delays, and now the moisture seal on the floor refuses to dry (although the company that makes the sealant was very helpful over the phone), which makes the floor very slippery.  I hope to be able to post updates very soon, but for once it isn’t me procrastinating!

Spiderman Tournament

Monday, July 14th, 2008

Phoenix Nest Classic Video Arcade is happy to announce our second monthly pinball tournament, which will take place on the Spiderman pinball machine on July 18 – July 20.  To enter, give Dan (the store owner) your name, phone number, and the initials you will be using, then go play.  Tournament games will cost 50 cents, and you must start the game using the tournament button.  First and second prizes will be determined by the machine based on number of tournament plays, minimum $10 for first place.  The more tournament games are played, the bigger the prize!

And coming in August, we will have a longer tournament, lasting two weeks, with first prize being a Laser Wars pinball machine!  Details will be posted in a few weeks.

In other news, one parts shipment still hasn’t arrived, so I can’t reveal everything, but expect a few changes in the arcade later this week, check back here for details as I can post them.

Sunday, July 6th, 2008

Parts arriving mid-week for several games.  In the mean time, I wanted to share some of my favourite collecting resources with you.

A new favourite is, a new alternative to eBay that focuses exclusively on arcade and video game collecting.

For Atari fans (and classic consoles in general), I love, which has lots of information about classic systems, an active and friendly forum, and most important, sells NEW games for classic systems, thanks to the hobby and homebrew programming scene.

Arcade game parts.  I can’t even begin to count how many times I’ve been asked over the years where to get parts for classic games and pins.  The three places I find myself using the most often are:

Marco Specialties, Inc., who have a great selection of pinball parts.

The Real Bob Roberts, for arcade game parts.  One of the nicest and easiest to deal with people in the entire industry, with a great selection of parts at great prices.

And finally, Quarter Arcade is a site I check often for game specific parts and circuit boards.  Their stock is constantly changing.

The other question I’m asked the most often is ‘will you fix my pinball machine?’ or some variation.  The answer is almost always going to be no, because I’ve usually got too many other things to fix (but it never hurts to ask anyway), but a lot of the time, the website can help you narrow the problem down, and if you have a basic knowledge of electronics or know someone who does, wil usually have all the information needed to fix most problems.

And finally, the best piece of advice I can give to someone learning to repair their own arcade games and pinball machines.  Unless you are absolutely sure you know what you’re doing, UNPLUG THE GAME BEFORE WORKING ON IT.  Even something as simple as changing a fuse can lead to an electrical shock if you’re not careful (and I speak from experience there, having run wall current through my had replacing a fuse in an old coctail pinball machine).