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Thursday, March 27th, 2008

Quick update, I’ll delete this and type it up all fancy like later, but I wanted to add this as soon as I could.

 TRON is up and running again :) , and new to the arcade is a Neo Geo with the games Baseball Stars 2, Bust a Move, King of the Monsters, and Magician Lord in it.

 Next step, assuming the package slip in my mailbox means what I think it does, a new joystick for Donkey Kong (I know Dan will be heartbroken ;) )

What’s that they say about the best laid plans…

Friday, March 14th, 2008

Two games are almost ready to go up, possibly three.  Making your own control panels is FUN when you don’t know what you’re doing.  Sorry this is taking longer than planned, there have been some of those unavoidable delays that crop up when you’re dealing with conversions (in the case of two games) and classic games, and it kinda snowballed.  I should be back on track now, and from now on will apply the ‘Scotty Rule’ and multiply all repair estimates by four!

 So, who likes free stuff?  Giving away 2 Pole Position upright cabinets, mostly complete.  One of them is BADLY weather damaged and dirty (smells … lovely … )  The other worked until something in the board smoked (actually, if I remember right is was one of the AR2 boards), and now has no monitor.  Between the two, you SHOULD be able to make a working one with parts left over, but I make no guarantees.  Pole Position repairs are not for beginners, their power system is a nightmare to work with!  Must be willing to take BOTH cabinets, and pick up in Mount Vernon, WA. 

 [UPDATE:  Pole Positions are gone, and we hope to hear that they really can be combined into a working one.  Prepare to Qualify!]

 [UPDATE 2:  Carrie found the board I misplaced that SHOULD (cross fingers) fix Tron.  On my parts shelf.  With a big label saying 'TRON' on it...  To say I feel a bit dumb about that is an understatement.  Long as it checks out, we should have it back in the game in a few.  Now if the mail would just cough up the part we need for the Neo-Geo...]