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Monday, February 4th, 2008

Welcome to the online home of Phoenix Nest.  As I get up to speed with this, expect posts related to maintenance and game rotation in the arcade, reviews of classic games, news from the arcade world, and anything else that bubbles to the surface of my brain as being in any way relevant.

Currently, the maintenance on the games is not what we would like, and really hasn’t been since we sold the store.  As many of you know, we also personally moved around the time we sold the shop, and weren’t adequately prepared for the logistics of living farther away and not coming in every day.  As soon as we are not snowed in we plan to rapidly address some of the outstanding issues, and go from there.  If all goes as planned, and these are mostly classic games we’re talking about here so keep that in mind, it should take one to two weeks to go from the 7 non-working games we have now to four (the three vector games, and Laser Wars).  Then we will start addressing cosmetic issues, minor issues, DK3′s monitor, and fixing the vectors.

 Last, because I don’t want to start boring you just yet, please welcome our ‘newest’ game, Arkanoid.  This is not the one I was restoring, because I went on Craigslist to look for a cabinet for another conversion and instead found a working Arkanoid.  The cabinet that was going to hold Arkanoid will hold another game (or two), which should be announced soon.

Next post will not be until I’ve done more work on the front page, as well as a great deal of work for the Docking Bay 93 website for Dan.  Unless we get more games working, in which case I’ll be posting here as fast as I can.